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digital collage

digital painting

digital fabric design

2002 to 2005  Art Tile Mural covering a total of 2,080  square feet titled "Flyway" was designed for
             the central garage at the Baltimore Washington  International Airport Baltimore MD.
2007     This project received Award of Excellence, Parking Facility Design from International Parking Institute.

Statement:         My tile design was inspired by the flight patterns of migratory birds. The image came to me
after a visit to a stork sanctuary in Austria. I saw these large elegant birds, who migrate every year
to North Africa, and then return over thousands of miles to the same spot.This made me think of the  activity at airports. People fly off on planes, go long  distances, but then return home in the end. Such coming and going is an important part of our lives.                           

o                        one part
mural a
                         one panel
mural b
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